Zeolite Powder & Safety for Animals

Zeolite powder is a powder that people can use to remove toxins from their bodies. The powder is also safe to use on animals since the product is nontoxic. A naturally occurring mineral, zeolite is safe for internal and external applications. 
Zeolite Powder & Safety for Animals


  • As a natural mineral, zeolite can be crushed into a fine powder. The properties of zeolite differ depending on where it is mined. Small differences in the composition of zeolite can make it desirable for different uses.


  • Farmers or ranchers can buy feed that has zeolite mixed into it. Feeding their animals zeolite reduces the amount of ammonia in the animals' digestive tracts. The manure from animals fed zeolite is higher in nitrogen and lower in offensive gases, making it a more desirable commodity as a fertilizer.

Odor Control

  • Because it is non-toxic, you can use zeolite as an external application to absorb odors. Zeolite powder sprinkled on their coats reduces odors for pets and farm animals. You can also use zeolite powder in refrigerators to control mold or mildew odors with no worries about food safety.

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