Use Zeolite in Swimming Pool Filters

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Zeolite Filter Tank
Most swimming pools use a sand filtration system to clean debris from the pool. Zeolite is a substance with 100 times the surface area of sand and works as well as sand as a filtering substance in most swimming pool filters.


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      Calculate how much zeolite you need. Substances like ZeoSand replace 50 lbs. of sand with only 25 to 30 lbs. of zeolite. Swimming pool filters holding 500 lbs. or less of sand only need a 50 percent replacement, but larger filters need 60 percent.
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      Empty the sand filter and clean it as needed. While you have the filter out of the tank, make any needed repairs to the filter to improve efficiency.
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      Fill the filter with water to the half-way mark before adding the zeolite material. Make sure the water moistens all the granules.
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      Replace the filter and backwash until the water runs clear. Once you finish backwashing, allow the zeolite to settle for at least 5 minutes. To ensure a clean filter, backwash again for an additional 2 minutes.
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      Add new zeolite on the same schedule you added sand. Your replacement rate depends on how your pool use, the size of your filter and how hard the filter works on a regular basis.
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